SEO 100 000 Redirect Anchor links on Forums and Blogs

 SEO 100 000 Redirect Anchor links on Forums and Blogs

We will post your site with your key query on 100,000 forums and blogs.

Your domain will be "packed" into a redirect.

We get backlinks through redirects of highly reliable sites, for example -

What does running anchor links through a redirect actually mean?

For example: imagine, we have a site.

Quality index for this site is 133,000

You go to one of the pages on the site and it redirects you to your site.

Robots "see" that such a high-rated site redirects or displays your site on its page and "start to understand" that your site is worthy of being displayed in the top list for search engines.

An unobtrusive promotion of your domain by way of accelerating its appearance among the results of search engines takes place.

To get started, the seller needs:
All we need you to provide is one link + one key query.

For example: Space strategy

As soon as the job is completed, we will send in a report in a TXT file.

The report WILL contain only successful links in the numbers, as ordered + you will also get a file with semi-successful ones as a bonus.

SEO 100 000 Redirect Anchor links $100
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